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006 Sex Toy Girlfriend 5.4FT life-size1/1 Jelly Chest Silicone Sex Toy Full Size Lifelike Sex Toy Girlfriend Man's Sex Toy Girlfriend Sophia

006 Sex Toy Girlfriend 5.4FT life-size1/1 Jelly Chest Silicone Sex Toy Full Size Lifelike Sex Toy Girlfriend Man's Sex Toy Girlfriend Sophia

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Brand: OY

Color: Wheat Color


  • 【Life-Sized Toy Girlfriend】Toy girlfriend stands 64.96 inches tall(165cm) , has a 32.28-inch chest(82cm), 21.26-inch waist(54cm), 34.65-inch hips(88cm) and weighs 81.57 pounds(37KG) can stand up for easy storage and display.
  • 【Soft Firm And Flexible】 Adopts healthy and environment-friendly silicone TPE and alloy frame to make it have the same appearance and touch feeling as skin, and get the most realistic experience. Soft skin, you can't even tell the difference with your eyes closed. Flexible joints, variable body position, mimicking human joints, so she can perform unexpected movements,To fulfill all your bold fantasies.
  • 【 Lifelike Toy Girlfriend】 High-quality materials fully restore the facial features of girls in film and television dramas,Excellent production technology makes it realistic, when you see it will find it like a real person!
  • 【 Multi-functional model Sophia】 Beautiful and touching Sophia, just like the real characters, you can put Sophia on the bedroom, it will be your beautiful doll home animation decoration, or just enjoy it as a special doll, while it can also play character games, clothing model shooting and accompany the collection.
  • 【Privacy secure Delivery】 Shipping from the US warehouse, we pay great attention to the privacy and safety of customers, so there is no information about the product on the packaging, the quality is guaranteed, welcome to inquire, we will reply you within 24 hours .

Part Number: Doll-37

Details: This product is made of medical grade TPE material, which has a higher appearance level than the TPE material on the market, and it is more realistic. Three useful holes, the inner wall with real texture gives you a real experience, and there is no doubt that it looks just like a real person. Points for attention: Avoid joint bending to deposit, don't wear clothes or fade dark clothes to prevent staining, cannot be disinfected with alcohol or strong pungent liquid cleaning, each hole can not directly use faucet flush, using a syringe, add water, shower gel, laundry detergent, cleaning stubborn stains can use discharge makeup oil is wiped, once every half bath, neck interfaces to prevent water, After bathing, apply talcum powder to prevent oil cracking. Sharp things should not touch the skin to prevent scratches. Contact me for exciting details about dolls,There will be unexpected surprises!

EAN: 0793288172629

Package Dimensions: 60.6 x 14.2 x 11.4 inches

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