What is More Satisfying, Sex with a Person or Sex with a Sex Doll?

I think for most, masturbating is more satisfying than having sex with a person, because the imagination is being used a lot more when masturbating.
Most of us have been conditioned to only think of the person we are having sex with when having sex with a person, so our imagination is tremendously limited with sex with a person.
With sex with a person there is the advantage of greater physical stimulation, than with masturbating.
However with sex with a sex doll you are getting both benefits, greater physical stimulation as well as unfettered use of the imagination.
Sex with a person is exactly that, fettered. With sex with a person there is always some compromise. You may like some things the person doesn't like. The person might like things you don't like etc. This again lowers the threshold of satisfaction.
With a sex doll there is no compromise at all. With a sex doll you are getting more use of imagination, higher physical stimulation than traditional masturbation and then you are not having to compromise. 

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