MGTOW - In Dolls we Thrust

It is beautiful that the Feminist movement fought for and won equal rights for all humans in the work place regardless of their gender.
As Dr. Pat Allen often discusses in her books and lectures, when it comes to private life, women should change hats because relationships are based on Yin/Yang. 
What this means is if in a relationship a woman becomes more masculine the man will have only two choices, either to become more feminine to accommodate her extra masculinity or "Men going their own way", MGTOW.
MGTOW thinking men are our best customers when it comes to love dolls but why?

Historically if a man wants to get in a woman's pants he has to meet her demands. The demands in the recent decades have become higher and higher from women. 

If you look at it like economics it is like the price of cow milk skyrocketing so have two options, either pay the price or find a cow milk alternative.

Love dolls provide an awesome alternative for men who are fed up with masculine women. Feminine women are not easy to find nowadays in the West.

It is like the frog in the boiling water scenario. Most men do not realize how feminized they have become. Most women don't realize how masculinized they have become. 

Until men and women can sort out, on a private level their rights and obligations in a fair manner, In dolls we thrust.

Sex dolls provide an awesome means for men to stop compromising on their masculinity. They can unleash the beast within, in a responsible manner and just choose the beauty among the many quality love dolls. Cheers!

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