Lust is the Luster of Life - Realistic Love Dolls Sex Doll Robots

Most of us live in cultures that teach us that desire is a bad thing. They want you to inhibit desire. Reduce it. Think of others not yourself.

What if the truth is the exact opposite. What if desire is life. Isn't it obvious that those that have no desire are dead? So that means desire is life.

Lust is the luster of life. Desire makes your natural energy and creativity flow. It makes you feel more alive.

Not many out there will give you the gift of lust and desire. First, you have to develop it within yourself. Let it rise. Channel it. Harness it.

One of the best gifts you can give yourself is a Realistic Love Doll, aka Adult Sex Doll. They are made of TPE and Silicone that feel so real, you will surely thank yourself for getting one for you.

Now these masterpieces of art will not only stimulate your visual senses, but 4 of your 5 senses. In fact there are now more affordable advanced sexdolls that also produce sound.

Building and channeling lust is the secret of life if done responsibly. Guilt, fear and shame are anti-life. A good sexdoll is a very effective way to boost ones life force in life. Sex is the real energy behind motivation. Motivation is what gets things done in life.

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