Human vs Doll; Big Investment vs Small Investment

A human sex partner is a huge investment in time, energy and money.
Masturbation toys have come a long way. Due to modern technology you can own a human replica, a sex doll/love doll at less than a dollar a day. You will get not only physical stimulation but also visual and emotional. You will in the long run save a lot of time, money and energy.
Human sex partners can be risky business. Sex dolls are high benefit low risk.
One under-discussed point is it reduced desperation, one of the worst human vices.
Desperation repels a good potential sex partner probably more than anything else.
In the movie, Something about Mary there is a scene where the main character is advised to masturbate before his date with Mary (alone) so he doesn't seem so desperate during the date. It is an age old trick. Women can smell desperation on a man and it stinks.
A sex doll, will make you practically immuned to the stench of desperation. Then you will much more easily score the preferred sex partner of your choice when you want it.
Why? Because when you remove desperation you get the aura of confidence. Women smell and are attracted to confidence like nothing else.
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