Dummy - Funny Sex Doll Comedy Trailer starring Pitch Perfect Anna Kendrick Adult Love Sex Doll Movie


In many cultures there is still a lot of stigma and shame associated with merely masturbating, let alone having sex toys. Sex Dolls are technically masturbation aids, sex toys. Almost everyone masturbates but almost no one wants to admit to it. Sex dolls are toys that make the experience of masturbation more pleasurable. Cultures associate so much drama around this simple harmless human behavior.

So it is so nice and helpful that media produces movies that slowly remove this taboo of owning a sex doll. It is not much different than a woman owning a vibrator. It would really be silly for a woman in this day and age to not own a vibrator. It is an inexpensive toy to help a woman reach orgasm. 

Soon owning a sex doll will be as common place as a woman owning a vibrator. It is mostly about social conditioning. We are conditioned by our cultures. Most of us are prisoners of our cultures and conditioning. 

I think this comedy is a good step in making our culture more freedom and choice oriented. When the public perception is that a lot of cool and normal guys own sexdolls more than 10x more people will go out and buy one. Our site has amazing low cost sexdolls. It is very exciting that every year prices go down and quality increases. Please view our selection


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